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Business VPN Service Providers

Last updated on April 19, 2023

There are many VPN providers, and they keep on increasing due to the demand for their services. Below is a list of business VPN service providers based on the maximum number of devices supported, user reviews, and pricing.

Business VPN Service Providers

Best for unblocking streaming services

Best VPN in UK - ExpressVPN Global

Best for fast connection speeds

Best for strong layers of encryption

Best for unlimited Devices

Best for fast speeds and gaming

FastVPN by:

Best for no logs

Business VPN Service Providers Comparison

VPN ProviderAd blockerMax DevicesBandwidthNo. of servers
Atlas VPNUnlimitedUnlimited750+VISIT SITE
ExpressVPNX5Unlimited3,000+VISIT SITE
NordVPN6Unlimited5,000+VISIT SITE
Surfshark VPNUnlimitedUnlimited3,200+VISIT SITE
IPVanish VPNXUnlimitedUnlimited2,200+VISIT SITE
FastVPNXUnlimitedUnlimited1,000+VISIT SITE


What does a VPN do?

Simply put, a VPN makes your online activity anonymous by encrypting your IP Address. If a man in the middle is prying your activity online, they can only see encrypted traffic and your activity online.

A VPN can detect compromises in your tunnel of internet connection. Suppose a VPPN detects a compromising activity in your route of internet connectivity from your Internet Service Provider. In that case, it breaks it and establishes a new tunnel for your internet access.

Mind you, a VPN will create a new route of your ISP connectivity without interrupting your activity. The ability to create an uninterrupted and safeguarded tunnel where the information between your computing device and server is shared makes your online activity anonymous.

Why do I need a VPN?

One major reason why you need a VPN is to hide your passwords. A hacker or a man in the middle could stalk you and collect your passwords. A hacker can access and imitate you if any of these passwords never had two-factor authentication.

The second reason why you need a VPN is to protect your banking information. If you transact online, banking information like your credit/debit card information could be leaked to hackers. Without your notice, they could wipe all money from your bank account with these details. A VPN encrypts your data hence blocking stalkers from collecting such.

The third reason you could need a website is to access geo-blocked features on some websites. If you wish to consume a streaming service even in blocked regions, a VPN enables you to conceal your location or change it.

Can I use a VPN for free?

Yes, VPN service providers allow you to use their services on a trial basis for a while. During this time, you may try their VPN software’s different features and determine whether they fit your needs. The free trial comes with varying terms and conditions stipulated by the VPN service provider.

Is VPN good or bad?

A VPN is good; this explains why they are popular today, even among small businesses and individuals. In the past, VPNs were used by big firms and institutions. The hackers-infested cloud has made VPNs more important in the modern world.

The need to protect one’s business or individual’s online activity makes VPNs a good digital asset for anyone to have. There is a tone of personal details you will keep private from spies and stalkers just by having a VPN installed in your computing device.

Does VPN have logs?

A VPN provider won’t be able to see and track your online activity. VPN providers will try as much as possible not to keep your online usage logs. These include but are not limited to browsing history, IP Address, and information about your browsing sessions, among others.

However, VPN providers are companies operating in jurisdictions where there are laws. At times, the government may want certain information from these VPN providers. They resort to keeping some of your logs for a limited time to comply with the regulations in their business environment.

Is there a downside to using a VPN?

Yes, and this is dependent on the VPN you are using. If you are using a premium VPN, the downside is paying for your subscription.

If you decide to use a free VPN, expect to get only some of the benefits a premium VPN offers. One, the certainty of your online anonymity is not 100%. Furthermore, the free VPN service provider may keep your usage logs anyway. This beats the purpose of having a free VPN in the first place.

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