About Us

Financefied is a site is focused on going back in the field and filling that gap others have left in areas of finance. We collect as much information as possible to provide our users with the best and narrowed search about doing anything. We aim to see everyone in the world approach finance with ease, effortlessness, and less or no error while doing anything taught on our site.

Mission Statement

The mission of Financefied is to enlighten our users through a breakdown process on their finance related questions for their short-term solution and long-term knowledge.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to increase people’s degree of accuracy handling financial matters (legal and ethical) and facilitate an efficient world with few mistakes and facilitate a transformed world for effortless living.

Why choose Financefied

We strive to change the world positively, and therefore, we only teach on anything that has positive attributes to people’s livelihood. Furthermore, we only collaborate with legal and ethical third parties to provide you with relevant information that positively changes our users’ livelihoods and hence adds their value to the world at large. In exercise of Corporate Social Responsibility, we only publish what is safe for the people and for the environment. This is for the purpose of a protecting the environment not just for the current generation but also for future generations’ welfare.