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Richest Area in Mumbai 2023

Last updated on April 9, 2023

Mumbai is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Expensive real estate properties, well-paved roads and world-class social amenities characterize the richest area in Mumbai 2023. Below is a list of notable rich areas in Mumbai.

Richest Area in Mumbai 2023

1. Malabar Hill

Malabar Hill is among the richest area in Mumbai 2023. When you visit Malabar Hill, the first thing to note are the smooth and clean roads. The roads are well maintained by local authorities. The environment in Malabar Hill is characterized by peace and orderly people.

Social amenities like schools, hospitals, and tertiary learning institutions are as many in this area. It gives residents easy access to these fundamental social amenities for human livelihood.

In this neighborhood, you will find top learning institutions like Gopi Birla Memorial School and Wilson College, among others. There are top clinical institutions like Life Force Homeopathy and Saifee hospital.

Real estate development is also on the rise in Malabar Hill. Residential and commercial buildings provide a world-class view of the Arabian Sea. These are views to pay for and contribute significantly to the richness of this area.

2. Juhu

If you want to find most celebrities in their Porsche homes, Juhu is the place to find them. Over time, Juhu has been nicknamed the “Beverly Hills of Bollywood” because of its high attraction rate of celebrities and other rich and well-established individuals.

On the streets of this area, you will find the elite driving expensive cars that most people can only dream of.

3. Chembur

Chembur is also an upcoming richest area in Mumbai 2023. It is home to one of the most prestigious golf clubs, the Bombay Presidency Gold Club. This club does not just attract residents from Chembur but also from other affluent areas in Mumbai.

You can get leading hospitals like Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Mumbai Heart Clinic, and Oma Hospital.

4. Cuffe Parade

We must recognize Cuffe Parade on our list. It is an area characterized by high-rising residential and commercial buildings. This is where you will find landmarks like World Trade Centre. Without a doubt, this is an affluent economic hub in Mumbai.

It is a safe place to live and do business. You will be shocked to realize affluent people living in Cuffe Parade have business empires nearby. This way, they can maintain close proximity with their errands to monitor daily performance.

Criteria Used to Determine the Richest Area in Mumbai

Well-paved roads

We have used the status of road pavement as one of our criteria for the richest area in Mumbai. The rich can push for an infrastructural development agenda in their neighborhood. They can team up and put their elected Members of Parliament on their toes to develop and renovate infrastructures like roads.

The rich are concerned about their safety and other road users in their estates. For this reason, they often advocate for the maintenance of proper safety standards on their roads. This makes such roads safe to use by drivers and pedestrians.

Furthermore, the rich want to avoid dealing with accidents repeatedly due to bad roads. This is why you can easily tell that you are in a porsche neighborhood just by the planning and construction of roads.

Golf courses

Golf is a popular game for the rich. Golf clubs are established in areas where the rich live to enjoy playing golf more often. By situating golf clubs in such places, the rich can access them whenever they wish. Furthermore, it eases the stress of driving long distances from where they live to the golf courses.

The rich are busy people, but they demand social life just like anyone else. The best way to connect is when they meet on golf courses. This is how they get to know their neighbors and what they do and nurture the development of each other.

Dense vegetation

Golf courses blend so well with dense vegetation. This dense vegetation helps to define fairways so well for both long and even wide fairways. This dense vegetation complements the feeling of interaction with nature as people play golf.

The richest area in Mumbai in our list is a true manifestation of this. There is dense vegetation enabling the establishment of standard golf courses.

Expensive real estate

Real estate is undoubtedly an indicator of a rich area. By real estate, it does not necessarily mean high-rising buildings. Instead, it means the overall costs of land, residential mansions, and other related real estate facilities.

The selected areas in our list have modern and expensive real estate facilities. These are occupied and owned by the rich in Mumbai’s population.


Rich areas are well protected by both the government and private security companies. The rich have money to employ guards in their homes and their businesses. They are interested in being protected and living in peace.

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