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Joint Venture Examples – Google vs NASA among others

Last updated on April 10, 2023

Many companies have formed joint ventures. Some of them are ongoing, while others have been terminated. This is a list of joint venture examples regardless of their ongoing or discontinued status.

Joint Venture Examples

1. Stellantis vs Samsung SDI

The development of electric vehicles is addressing the problem of carbon emissions in the automotive sector. These have gained traction in the recent past as authorities of some jurisdictions push automakers towards net-zero emissions.

Stellantis, a leading automaker of clean mobility solutions, saw the need to partner with Samsung SDI in its core business. Samsung SDI is a company that manufactures batteries and other electronic materials.

This joint venture was meant to establish a facility for manufacturing EV batteries in the United States soil.

2. Shell vs ExxonMobil

A joint venture between Shell and ExxonMobil resulted in the establishment of Infineum International Ltd. Both companies own 50% of their joint venture establishment.

This joint venture is meant for two basic things. One, it is meant for the joint manufacturing of fuels. Together, these companies share technologies for the strategic manufacturing of fuels. Secondly, the joint venture is also tasked with marketing manufactured fuels and related products.

This joint venture helps the two companies increase their success in tapping into new global opportunities. Furthermore, there is better knowledge sharing about local markets.

3. Nordstrom vs ASOS

Come to think of this, your business has products to sell but lacks a sufficient customer base and exceptional customer support services. You must collaborate with another company with better customer support and highly converting customers to drive sales.

This scenario resulted in the joint venture of Nordstrom and ASOS in July of 2021. In this joint venture, Nordstrom acquired a minority stake in ASOS’s portfolio. This gave ASOS the opportunity to enjoy the exposure of its products to Nordstrom’s customers.

To make their joint venture more problem-solving, buyers from ASOS can get everything they need from ASOS via Nordstrom.

4. Accenture vs Microsoft vs Avanade

The threat of climate change is worsening for humankind and the sustainability of biodiversity. Some companies are investing large sums of money in fights against climate change.

This fight resulted in a joint venture of Accenture, Microsoft, and Avanade. These three have teamed up and now offer strategic advisory services to businesses on how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, these develop products that help businesses reduce carbon emissions.

5. Google vs NASA

Google and NASA are companies that have been created largely for knowledge creation and information distribution. These two joined forces to develop products to improve global exploration, knowledge creation and sharing.

This joint venture has been around since 2005. Together, they have created Google Mars and other space exploration products. Google has benefited largely from this joint venture, and as we head into the future, Google and NASA could explore more of their potential.

6. Beyond Meat, Inc. vs PepsiCo, Inc.

Which company comes into your mind on the mention of plant-based proteins? Planet Partnership, LLC is another establishment you can add to your list.

Planet Partnership, LLC was born out of a joint venture between Beyond Meat, Inc. and PepsiCo, Inc. PepsiCo, Inc. saw this as an opportunity of leveraging innovative technology used by Beyond Meat, Inc. in the production of vegan meat.

7. Qatar Airways vs British Airways

The Airlines industry is among the highest capital-intensive sectors. Some companies like Qatar Airways and British Airways are popular names for air travel on popular air routes worldwide.

The joint venture was meant to benefit the customer of these two airlines. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to an extensive network of over 50 destinations and smooth scheduling of flights.

The joint venture has seen the establishment of integrated customer support for customers of both airlines. The joint venture can also be attributed to the great prices available for both Qatar Airways and British Airways customers.

8. APX Group vs Spring Films

This is one of the latest joint ventures in the content production industry. This joint venture is expected to last for the next five years from the time of this publication. According to partners, this joint venture is meant to produce content that can be distributed globally.

In the next five years, you can expect to see some documentaries produced in this joint venture. It is quite an interesting joint venture because each company has been known for its quality and exceptional work in content production.

9. FIFA vs Qatar

One of the recent joint ventures in our list demonstrates that joint ventures are not only between or among companies. The success of the 2022 world cup delivery was due to the joint venture between a non-governmental organization (FIFA) and a state (Qatar).

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC (the joint venture name) was responsible for planning and facilitating the successful delivery of 2022 world cup tournaments. FIFA held 51% of the Limited Liability Company in this joint venture, whereas Qatar 2022 Local Organizing Committee LLC held the remaining 49% stake.

10. National Geographic Society vs Disney

Humankind and science exploration stories are told by many, but none do it better than National Geographic Partners. This company was born from a joint venture of the National Geographic Society and Walt Disney. Their partnership has made it possible to bring an up-close perspective of premium science exploration.

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